A   L I T T L E   A B O U T   M E




As a designer, I love creating beautiful spaces,
places and things. I look for sustainable, long-
term solutions and believe that the best ones
inspire those who use them and help make for 
memorable experiences.

Working many years as a graphic designer,
 I learned from some of the best in the business
 how to approach a project, interpret the needs
 of my clients, and work with them to see their 
 project through to completion in a timely way
 and within budget. I pay attention to detail with
                                                                a discerning eye and a commitment to quality 
                                                                and craftsmanship. In interior design, those 
                                                                values come into play in three dimensions.

                                                                My most satisfying projects are realized when
                                                                I'm able to engage in relationships with my
                                                                clients; getting to know them well enough to
                                                                find solutions together that meet their needs
                                                                efficiently, effectively, beautifully.